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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Mulches : Beautiful, Water-wise and More

CSUDH students and faculty apply mulch to 'Garden of Dreams' native plant garden
The CSUDH Ecology Club and students in BIO 310/311 (Plant Physiology & Lab) classes recently applied a new layer of mulch to the ‘Garden of Dreams’ native plant garden on campus (above).  You can see how much better the garden looks in the pictures below.
'Garden of Dreams' - before new mulch

'Garden of Dreams' - after new mulch

 In addition to their aesthetic appeal, mulches help keep the soils cool in summer, help conserve water,  keep garden vegetables clean and pest-free and much more.  In short, mulches are a good idea.  But you need to know how to apply them, when to apply them and which mulch to choose.  You can read all about mulches at: