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Map - Native Plants at CSUDH


Site # 1: ‘Garden of Dreams’ - Parking Lot #1, near Child Development Center

Enter campus from Victoria (190th) via the East Entrance. There is a stop light on Victoria - entrance marked as  ‘Birchknoll’ or ‘CSUDH Campus’.    Make a left at the first stop sign.   After about 100 yards make a left into Parking Lot 1.   Continue to the NE corner of the lot (you’ll see a long pile of dirt at the edge of the parking lot – follow it to where it ends near the Child Development Center.  The Child Development Center is a single story building at end of the parking lot. The garden is just east of the Child Development Center.  Wheelchair access: sidewalk on perimeter of garden.  Easy walking access.  Some plants are labeled.


Site # 2, 3 : Greenhouse, Greenhouse gardens and Earth Science Club gardens – Near the Natural Sciences and Mathematics (NSM) Building:

Enter campus via the East Campus entrance (Birchknoll Drive) from Victoria St. (there is a stop light).  The greenhouse is located behind the Natural Sciences and Mathematics (NSM) Building.  Take Birchknoll to the second stop sign (Unity Drive) and turn right.  Follow Unity Dr. until you reach  a stop sign.  Drive straight ahead into a small parking lot (down a hill  - below  ground level).  Greenhouse is at one end of the small (NSM) parking lot – you will see it.  You can park in Visitors parking spaces for 30 min.   The greenhouse and greenhouse gardens (# 2) are adjacent to the parking lot.  The Earth Science Club Garden (#3) is one level up from the parking lot, on the east end of the NSM Building. Access is either through the second floor of the NSM Building (stairs on east end of building near the greenhouse) or by walking up the driveway, then a quick left at the stop sign at the top of the driveway.  You will see the garden just beyond a small short-term parking lot.


Site # 5 -  Heritage Creek Nature Preserve – Just South of Parking Lot # 7

 Enter campus from Victoria (190th) at Birchknoll (E. Victoria Entrance) Drive.  Continue on Birchknoll past 2 stop signs.   Turn into Parking Lot 7 (on right, just past the second stop sign) and proceed to the bottom (South) end.      If you enter from University Drive, enter campus at Toro Center Drive, right on Pacific View, then left on Birchknoll to Lot 7.   The Preserve is right off the parking lot - easy walking access.



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