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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Welcome to Native Plants at CSU Dominguez Hills

Native plants play an increasingly important role on the CSUDH campus - and in the wider community.  They provide waterwise alternatives to non-native plants and important habitat for native birds, animals and insects.  They are pretty, unique and useful for foods and nature crafts.  And they can even help reclaim polluted and damged soils.  CSU Dominguez Hills is a local leader in promoting, planting and research on native plants.

Those of us involved with native plants reside in many departments at CSUDH.  Unfortunately, we haven't had a venue to share our common interests and promote collaboration. We hope his blog will change all that.  It's designed to be the hub for native plant activities connected to CSUDH - a place to share our interests, research, activities and knowledge.

So, how can you help to make this blog work?   Here are a few ways:

1.  Send us information (to :
  • on events/lectures/workshops related to native plants.  These events should have a connection to CSUDH (either occuring on campus, or sponsored by a CSUDH faculty/staff/student).  Be sure to include date, time, location, title and a brief description. We'll post them on the Calendar and Classes, Lectures & Workshops pages.  
  • on your research related to native plants.  We want to showcase our research in progress, presentations, publications, Master's theses and other research work. 
  • on other native plant-related works connected to CSUDH (for example: art exhibits, Master's degrees that use California native plants)
  • details on campus-based and/or CSUDH-sponsored volunteer opportunities related to California native plants

2. Write an article or share photos for a blog posting.  Blog postings can cover many topics as long as they are tasteful, related to California native plants and connected somehow to CSUDH.  Examples of possible postings: an article on a native plant that grows on campus; an article on a bird that uses native plants;  pictures from a CSUDH-sponsored restoration activity; an update on your research findings; description of an up-coming event, like Earth Day; creative works related to native plants (poem/essay/photo/etc.).
3.  Add a link to the blog on your departmental, club/organization or personal webpage or blog.
4.  Visit the blog often (or sign up to receive updates by e-mail) and participate in the activities.
5.  Share the blog's URL with your friends, students and others on campus and in the community.

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