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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Trees and Shrubs for a Changing Climate: Plant Them Now!

Native shrubs at CSUDH look good despite years of drought
Garden of Dreams Discovery Garden
The last four and a half years have been difficult for those living in Southern California.  Lack of rain, dry winds and high temperatures have stressed everything.  Unfortunately, these are probably just a taste of things to come.  Now is the time to choose plants that will be able to thrive despite the changing climate.   Here are a few resources to help:
Climate Change and S. CA Gardens

Trees & Shrubs for the Future: large native plants suited to our changing climate
              Slide show:
             Handouts (4 per pg) :
Shrubs in a Changing World: CA native shrubs for a 1950’s-70’s ranch-style house (with an emphasis on our changing climate)
            Slide show:
           Handouts (4 per pg) :


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